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Feel free to throw any ideas, suggestions, problems or comments regarding games, products or the website itself to the digital baskets at one of the addresses or communication methods below. Don't forget to put the subject with any sent email, thanks in advance!

OISV - Organization of Independent Software Vendors - Contributing Member

eStandards, Safety and Peace of mind
Eternal Syndrome has been practicing high standards of service since 2003 (remember, 1 in 2 businesses dissapear/fail after 2 years!) and is here to stay. These standards include (but are not limited to) secure and safe purchasing, clean products (spamless, spyless and virus free), money back guarantees, free after sales/product support, prompt email replies and free premium quality customer community (emmunity) facilities. In addition to this, ES gives it's customers the ability to skip the middlemen (or middlewomen) and communicate freely with the change / creative / decision maker(s) directly. This alone is invaluable and very rare these days with most (especially non indie) businesses.
We are also proud members of the OISV which is a mark of Professionalism and Quality in the software industry.

As with anything, there is always room for improvement so don't hesistate to take advantage of your free services that come as standard when you become a ES customer!

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Live Support
Have a question or concern before or after a purchase? Need help using a product or tweaking your forum profile? Ask a question in live realtime now!

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Bug Report(s) & Feature request(s)
If you find a bug or problem, would like to see a feature added to your game or want to see what's in the works, CLICK HERE for ES Customers Portal or CLICK HERE for the ESEmmunity Zone Forums.

Customer Portal screengrab Screenshot of the ESEmmunity™ Zone Forums

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I've allocated an email address for just about everything. Don't forget to put the subject with the email & AS A SPAM PREVENTION MEASURE, REMOVE 'ANTISPAM' AND REPLACE '*' with '@' (without the quotes) IN THE TO/ADDRESS LINE (OR IT WON'T WORK!), THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Email Support

ANTISPAMcontact at

ANTISPAMsupport at

ANTISPAMbusiness at


There also more methods of emmunication via the Emmunity...

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